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Farewell Empty Farewell

Post by Inuyashapup Sun Nov 08, 2015 7:32 pm

Hey guys, I know I've been missing a lot and all and I know I'm not the greatest of help as I once was. I've been super busy with IRL things, school, work and among other things personally. I hate to bring it to this but I won't be on as much as I was, and (partly due to my own fault) I just don't feel as belonged to the guild as I once did before. I've met all you wonderful people, made tons of friends and had the honor of being an officer. I can't thank everyone enough for the kindness, love and advice though these past year and a half. You all can keep in touch with me though fb or my number <3 Your a wonderful guild with a grand history, and a strong team. Keep it up you guys, see you around, and goodbye. <3 Inu

Farewell Inuyas10
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Post by The Beau Brothers Mon Nov 09, 2015 4:26 am

Sorry to see you go. I know you have had other things on your mind, and not playing as much. I had hoped you would come back to us eventually. I imagine my bumping heads with Meagan complicates things too. I wish you only the best. If you ever find your way back to GW2 you will be welcome with us.

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